High Mast Lighting Pole

High Mast Lighting Pole is a constantly taper polygonal cross section pole available with one or many segments. This is widely used for mounting national flag, area lighting purpose, making signage board, stadium lightning etc. This comes with a movable carriage for lowering and raising the lights. With durable capping unit and Die cast aluminum pulley, this is widely used to light large area with no obstructions. In addition to this, it can easily withstand high wind speed up to 300Kmph. It is also available after hot dip galvanized process to ensure to provide years of performance.

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Solar High Mast

  • Comes with either single or double brackets with varied shape and dimension

  • Surface is Hot-Dip galvanized following ASTM A123 Color polyester power

  • Thickness is between 3 mm to 10 mm

  • Shape of pole is variable and flexible.

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High Mast Lighting Pole

Price: 76000 USD ($)

  • Comes in various shapes like Polygonal, Conical or Columnar

  • High precised tolerance of dimensions

  • Thickness ranges from 1 mm to 36 mm

  • Surface is Hot dip galvanized based upon ASTM A 123 or even customized.