Sports Lighting

Reliable, cost-saving and affordable Sports Lighting Solutions are available here! This lighting is designed for meeting the demands of city park multi-sport complex, stadiums of softball, soccer, or football, school baseball grounds, etc. This is ideal to provide the best performance with its ability to run 50,000 hours. It comes with the features of instant On/Off that further saves time, energy and labor. With high illumination power and durable structure, these lighting systems are sure to provide long lasting excellent performance without abrasion, wear and tear. It is available in different designs and sizes as per the demands of the stadiums.

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Ground Lighting

  • Long service span and has more than 50000 working hours

  • Entire structure is in big heat sink,

  • Screws along with other accessories are non corrosive.

  • Owns perfect 3D radiance.

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Indoor Sports Lighting

  • Commendable performance in tough atmosphere too.

  • Cutting edge optics for clean & uniform coverage

  • Tailored layouts specific to your site plan

  • Ability to replace up to 4,000 watt HID fixtures per LED fixture

  • Known for being highly water proof

  • Power factor is greater than 0.95

  • Color rendering index accounts to be more than 70

  • Outstanding light scattering and luminous efficiency more than 130 Lm/V

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Football Lighting

  • High promised brightness, 110LM/W with minimal consumption

  • Modern compact design and enhanced efficiency of heat dissipation.

  • Long life span of the product is more than 50000hrs. Protection grade is IP65.

  • Energy conservation up to 80 % compared with traditional lighting fixtures.

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Outdoor Sports Lighting

  • Durability of heat sink is appreciated by the customers and ensures the junction temperature does not cross 10°C

  • Well-designed high precise parts ensure waterproof reliability.

  • Monolithic forming seals assures waterproof reliability.

  • Qualitative metallic and casting works guarantees high dependability and offers Luminous flux: >150lm/w.

  • Wattage Range noted to be 300W to 1,200W

  • Efficacy up to 160 lumens per watt

  • Lumen Range accounts to be 36,000 to 186,000

  • Contented with Dark Shy Shield along with aiming Laser