Sports Stadium Lighting

Lighting effects create a great impact on the players and viewers in any stadium. This durable, reliable and cost-saving Sports Stadium Lighting is ideal for every sports venue. It creates a welcoming ambiance to the spaces and also ensures clear visibility to boost the performance of the players. These sports lighting solutions can be easily installed from the smallest to the largest sport venue as they are available with correct lighting to match different needs. In addition to this, reduced energy, maintenance and operating costs also ensure to meet the demands of the clients with the best.

Product Image (USL 05)

Universal Series Floodlight

Price: 25000 USD ($)

  • Body is made up of Ceramic, Copper

  • Frequency is noted to be 50-60 Hz

  • Comforted with Driver Integrated

  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +50 deg C

Product Image (USL 06)

LED Sports Floodlight

  • Entire lamp is designed with high purity aluminum material

  • Admirable durability and has a higher safety.

  • Professional optical lens make the beam angle to be 60°& 90°

  • Lumileds led chips with high brightness,long life & low light decay